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Horizontal Long Coupled Pumps

MH Horizontal Long Coupled PumpsThe ‘MH’ long coupled pump has been designed for heavy duty permanent fixture applications, found in most chemical and industrial plants.

Therefore whilst taking advantage of the excellent corrosion resistance of Kestner materials, the relatively low mechanical strength has been counteracted by ensuring that all loads are carried by the Cast Iron support structure and not the pump casing.

In addition the pump is designed for complete back pull-out of the bearing assembly, impeller, seal and backplate without disturbing the suction and delivery pipe connections, or the alignment of the driving motor.

The bearing assembly incorporates oil lubricated deep groove ball bearings with a breather provided for ventilation of the bearing housing.

Shaft sealing is provided by high quality single or double mechanical seals with material selection dependent on application, and flushing facilities are available where necessary.

Thousands of Kestner pumps of all types are in continuous operation within the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Paper, Ceramic, Electronics and Textile industries, along with Metal Refiners and Finishers, Food and Beverage producers and almost every other user of aggressive liquids.carousel



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